About Holly

I decided that I wanted to be a counsellor after my own experience of having counselling.

The process helped me to find direction, allowed me the ability to take charge of my life and begin to discover what made me happy.

There were many years before where I had felt a sense of being disconnected from myself, which in turn led to me not knowing what I wanted, what was best for me or who I wanted to be. The experience taught me a lot about myself and the connection between my thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

I decided that I wanted to train in the profession, and hopefully be able to provide for others what had worked so well for me. During my training I had two placements. The first at Red Rose Recovery in Preston, a recovery infrastructure organisation, and the second at a doctors surgery in the Stockport area. This gave me the opportunity to meet some wonderful individuals and I learnt a lot at both placements. Many clients came to me for a specific reason such as bereavement, childhood trauma, exploration of addiction, depression and anxiety, whereas others came because they were experiencing feelings of being lost or disconnected from themselves, their environment or those closest to them.

The main thing I learnt is that counselling can be for anyone.